Day 16 #PrayForClintonAndTrump21Days

Father, this morning as I look at the pictures and into the faces of Mr. Trump and Mrs. Clinton, I wonder what hidden scars that their tough exteriors are hiding. We know much about them from their long-time very public lifestyles, but I’m sure that as with everyone else, there is much private pain. Lord, I ask that You would touch each of them in the places that are broken that I don’t know about, but that You do. I ask that You bring about healing and wholeness in their lives and an undergirding of peace that is beyond all understanding.



(Today is day 16 of my 21-day commitment to pray for the top two Presidential candidates. Here is the original post of this series.)


3 thoughts on “Day 16 #PrayForClintonAndTrump21Days

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    1. Appreciate the question. The big two have qualities apart from specific political positions that leave me unable to vote for them.

      1. Trump–I think the guy could start a war or even use nukes over some silly insult.

      2. Clinton–In a crisis, I’m concerned that she’d be more interested in what is best for her than for the country. I just don’t trust her.

      As for Johnson and Stein, both have displayed some flat-out wacky behaviors during the campaign that leave me wondering if they’re serious enough about this, so no-gos there for me, too.

      I live in North Carolina. Only Trump/Clinton/Johnson are on the ballot, and Stein is, I think, a certified write-in. In NC, only votes for “certified” write-in candidates are counted. So basically I’m probably going to write in someone else and have it count for nothing. 😦

      The good news is that I firmly believe that God will still be on the throne regardless of the choice of the American people on November 8th, and I believe that He’s good all the time. He’s got this.

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      1. Wise choice. I live in RI and Stein is on the ballot here so I will be voting for her. Either way, the state will be going to Clinton – but it is a symbolic message that we need to start making some real changes.

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