Day 21 #PrayForClintonAndTrump21Days

Lord, as we vote today, I pray not just for Mrs. Clinton and Mr. Trump, but for our all of us.

Lord, I pray that you would remove all obstacles in the way of eligible voters, be it work, transportation, fear, or anything else. May every legitimate voice be heard and counted today. May You lead people to make wise decisions regarding all of the candidates and other ballot measures. And may a spirit of calm encompass the land that helps people accept whatever the result may be as the will of the people. You are sovereign.

Lord, I pray that the winner would be gracious, lead wisely, and hear Your voice. I pray that the winner will be a President who seeks to govern in the best interests of the entire country, not just their supporters. 

Father, I pray that the one who loses would also be gracious. I ask that You give that person words that would unite, rather than divide. May the loser be a calming voice in the midst of what seems likely to be chaos.


(Today is the last day of my 21-day commitment to pray for the top two Presidential candidates. Here is the original post of this series.)




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