My Life as a Suburban Church Planter

I found this blog post particularly thought-provoking, and thus commend it to you. It’s primarily an admonition to pastors with mostly-suburban congregations, but I took away quite a bit for myself.

Yesterday, I had the rare privilege of sharing some thoughts with my brothers and sister at the Acts 29 Global Gathering in Nashville, TN. It has been a remarkable time together and I love this family more than ever. I was tasked to speak for fifteen minutes on things I have learned as church planter and leader in a suburban context. For some reason, it seems to have struck a chord, and I hope and pray that it might prove useful to some.

Below is the full transcript. Grace and peace.

My Life as a Suburban Church Planter: Acts 29 Global Gathering

18 July 2017

I have spent the last ten years serving a church in the big, bad, beautiful city of Johannesburg, South Africa. But that isn’t an entirely true statement, because the community in which our church gathers is found in the leafy suburbs to the North of…

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