I’m Ben, a 40something black Christian male who was raised in a working-class black home/neighborhood in the Deep South (Columbus, GA,) won an academic scholarship to a very wealthy nearly-all-white private school in high school, and since then has spent an abundance of time  in white Southern evangelical culture, building numerous meaningful relationships therein. Today I live a comfortable and rather nondescript life in a heavily-white suburban area in Greensboro, NC. I’ve been married for 18 years and have two little girls, ages 7 and 3. I am fortunate to have experienced little/no overt racism directed at me personally in the last decade or so, and in general am not what anyone would characterize as an “angry/militant black guy.” White Suburban Christians, I’m that black guy who goes to your church, the one at work who “doesn’t sound black,” the one in your neighborhood whose kids are friends with yours, and you’d feel comfortable letting them play at my house.

I’m not sure exactly what I’ll be writing, or how often, but my general intent is to attempt to go into some uncomfortable places, covering topics that I sometimes struggle to talk about outside of immediate family and very closest friends. My desire is to share some thoughts on race, politics, religion, and just about anything else that we don’t typically talk about in polite company, hopefully always covered with grace and truth from Christ. That said, I’m deeply flawed and fail constantly (and sometimes spectacularly) at living a life that reflects the Savior I claim to follow. Put bluntly, I’m much better at writing about living the Christian life than I am at living the Christian life. Please don’t see anything I ever write as lecturing you from any sort of position of authority or leadership. To the contrary, I much prefer to assume the posture of one beggar telling another where he’s found some food.

Finally, for those who care about where I’m coming from theologically and politically, I’m theologically conservative (mostly-Reformed, but I lean toward believer’s baptism,)  and politically Independent. I don’t buy into the notion that Biblical principles align neatly with the stated platform of either major American political Party, and in general my observation is that both of them have a tendency towards government overreach.




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