What Can We Learn From Ben Sasse, Bill Maher, And The N-Word?

Some of my writings have been picked up by a much larger site. Here's a link to one that might interest some of my readers: What Can We Learn From Ben Sasse, Bill Maher, And The N-Word?   


About That Electoral College Petition

I am by no means a Donald Trump supporter. Count me among those who have serious concerns about his upcoming Presidency. However, I'm strongly of the opinion that the Change.Org petition to the Electors importing them to ignore their states' votes and cast them for Hillary Clinton is at best a waste of time, and at... Continue Reading →

Kudos To Clinton, Obama, And Trump.

As ugly and divisive as this Presidential campaign was, as contentious as it became, as harsh as many of the words were, and as unpopular as the top two candidates were, it's worth noting that President-Elect Donald Trump, Secretary Hillary Clinton, and President Barack Obama were exemplary in the addresses that they offered in the... Continue Reading →

Where To Now, America?

As someone who has long held deep reservations about both candidates, I am neither rejoicing nor mourning today. Things like contested conventions, one or both candidates dropping out, or a third-party candidate having a shot have long seemed like pipe dreams. As a result, several months ago I accepted the inevitability that on Wednesday, November... Continue Reading →

Somewhat Humorous North Carolina Voter ID Story

I had a bit of a chuckle-worthy experience today with early voting. As a quick point of context for those unaware,  in July of this year, a federal appeals court struck down the state's voter ID law and there were heavy racial undertones around the decision, specifically accusations that the law was intended to reduce the number... Continue Reading →

Concerns About Violence November 8 And Beyond

Few who know me would consider me to be an alarmist, but I'll readily admit that for quite some time, I've been mildly concerned about the possibilities of voter intimidation and post-election violence in the event of a Trump loss. In reading a few things this morning, those concerns have become elevated. First, we have some of... Continue Reading →

Evangelicals, Trump, The Supreme Court, and Sexual Assault

Thanks so much for the comments, emails, Facebook/Twitter Shares,  and other forms of encouragement so many of you gave me after my first blog post. It's really appreciated, and your kindness has helped buoy me and give me the confidence to continue writing. I had an entirely different topic planned for my second post than what you are... Continue Reading →


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