Charlottesville, White Supremacy, And White Christians

I've shared a piece with my thoughts on this at EatPrayVote. Check it out HERE.


My Personal Experience With Racism and Redemption Down In Georgia

Having grown up in a working-class black family, I'd attended public schools until 9th grade, but was awarded an academic scholarship to a private school for 9th-12th grade. Some of my friends from the public schools warned me that I shouldn't go there. Words like "snobs" were often used to describe my potential future classmates.... Continue Reading →

Jesus, Black Lives Matter, Compassion, and Black Panthers

If I end up posting to this blog more than this one time, I'll give more of my background, but for now, here's what you may find useful to understand where I'm coming from: I am a 40something black Christian male who was raised in a working-class black home/neighborhood in the Deep South (Columbus, GA,) won... Continue Reading →

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